Raises at intel

About Intel Corp. : Intel Corporation is an large multinational technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Intel is one of the world's leading, largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makers. Revenue information: Intel annual revenue for 2019 was ~$72 Billion USD (Bloomberg) Contact information: Phone: 877.649.5817.

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We have senior techs with over 16 years of service or more at intel that are making less the $21 hr. this is with an average 5.5% pay raise every year. New techs are hired in at a 56 and 57 paygrade in the $24-$28 hr range. well above the Sr. 56 and some 57 paygrade techs. So as a new person to intel expect beter pay tham the Sr. Staff.





In addition to $10 million in donations for global COVID-19 relief efforts, Intel is pledging $50 million in a pandemic response technology initiative to combat the coronavirus through accelerating access to technology at the point of patient care, speeding scientific research and ensuring access to online learning for students and teachers.

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